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    V6 Supercharger Update 9 RC 8.2 + for Samsung Galaxy Young on Wed Sep 03, 2014 3:23 pm

    First off, I am not the developer of V6 Super Charger. It is created by zeppelinrox.


    • Added Common Errors/Problem + Fix for quick troubleshooting. If you get error that is not listed or any problem you have, please be kind enough to send me a message and report. 


    • Updated Guide to V6 SuperCharger UPDATE 9 RC 8.2
    • Updated Guide to KickAssKernelizerInstaller UPDATE 3 RC8
    • Updated Guide Format: Detailed Guide + Quick Guide

    This is a complete guide for Samsung Galaxy Young Users to make sure you get 100% Supercharger Level.

    • Detailed Guide
    • Quick Guide

    1. BusyBox Installer [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    2. Script Manager [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    3. V6 SuperCharger Script [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    4. KickAss Kernalizer Script [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    DETAILED GUIDE (Preferably for first time superchargers)

    V6 Supercharger Update 9 RC 8.29 Guide

    1. Download and Install the required apps (BusyBox + ScriptManager) to run this script.
    2. Install BusyBox and select BusyBox version v1.16.2 or higher.
    Reboot your phone after installation. This is optional but recommended specially if you are upgrading from a lower version of BusyBox.
    3. Install Script Manager
    4. Open Script Manager and grant SuperUser Access

    • Tap on Menu > Advanced Options > Config
    • Scroll down until you see Browse as Root
    • Tap on it and press the back button to save
    • Once again grant Script Manager SuperUser Access to save config
    • Exit Script Manager

    5. Open Script Manager and browse for V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC8.2.sh.pdf

    • Tap on it and set properties to:

    [list="padding-left: 20px;"]
    [*]Favorites (Star Icon)
    [*]Root (Green Android Skull Icon)

    • After setting properties, tap on Run to execute the script installer
    • When executed, it will do initial test, be patient and wait for it to complete its tasks

    6. A bunch of text will start scrolling on your screen . . . and will ask you if
    1. Home Locked in Memory?
    · Type N for No and then press enter and another enter to continue to drivers console
    7. First time SuperChargers will make a pit stop at Driver Options and set the following for Driver Options:
    1. Scrolling Speed : 1 (Fast)
    2. Use Build.Prop? : n (No) to use local.prop
    3. Fix Emissions on Boot – just press enter to proceed
    4. Run Fix Emissions on Boot? : y (Yes) to run Fix Emissions on Boot
    This will fix app permissions to avoid force closes
    5. Integrate? : y (Yes)
    6. Disable Cool Animations? : y (Yes) to speed up execution of script
    8. Press enter to return to drivers Console. Pressing enter will automatically run Quick V6 Cust-OOMizer and will calculate optimum SuperMinFree values
    1. Apply SuperMinFree Calculator Settings? : y (Yes) to apply calculated MinFree values so you don’t need to choose from 512 HP, but if you wish to select between 5-7, you need to complete supercharger initial setup and then run supercharger and then select 5-7.
    5. UnLedded (Multitasking){8,14,40,50,60, 75 MB}
    6. Ledded (Balanced){8,14,55,70,85,100 MB}
    7. Super UL (Aggressive){8,14,75,90,95,125 MB}
    2. Press The Enter Key... – just press on enter key to continue. This action will backup Re-SuperCharger files to SD Card .
    3.SuperClean & ReStart : y (Yes) to SuperClean & ReStart.
    This will wipe your dalvik-cache and bootup time will take 1-2 minutes depending on the number of apps installed on your phone.
    9. After restart, Open Script Manager and:
    1. Go to /system/etc/init.d
    2. Tap on S99SuperCharger and set the following properties:

    • Favorites (Star Icon)
    • Root (Green Android Skull Icon)
    • Start on Boot (Gear Icon)

    3. Tap on Save
    4. Close Script Manager and Restart your phone
    If you don’t follow step 9, you will get an error the next time you run the script and it will show you owner’s handbook on your default web browser.
    10. After restart, open Script Manager and Run V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC8.2.sh.pdf, If you added it to favorites, tap on Menu > Favorites and then tap on V6_SuperCharger_for_Android-Update9_RC8.2.sh.pdf to run it and proceed in applying BulletProof Launcher:
    1. SuperCharger will run Test Drive, just wait for it to finish and then continue to the Drivers Console.
    2. On the Drivers Console select:

    • 13 for OOM Grouping Fixes + BulletProof Launcher

    3. BulletProof? : y (Yes) to apply BulletProof Launcher
    4. Press Enter to go back to Drivers Console
    11. Back to the Drivers Console, select:

    • 21. Nitro Lag Nullifier {Experimental}
    • Enter (N)ullify, (U)n-Nullify, E(X)it: N (Nullify) to apply Nitro Lag Nullifier
    • After applying Nitro Lag Nullifier, press enter to go back to Drivers Console.

    12. Back to the Drivers Console, select:

    • 18. Engine Flush {ReCoupe RAM & Kill Lag}Continue and drop all file system caches? : y (Yes) to clear system cache on RAM
    • After Engine Flush, press enter to go back to Drivers Console.

    13. Back to the Drivers Console, select:

    • 30. SuperClean & ReStart {Wipe Dalvik & Reboot}
    • Do you want to SuperClean & ReStart now? : y (Yes) to commence SuperClean and Restart

    14. After restart, Open Script Manager and run V6 SuperCharger again. You should seeSupercharger Level: 100% 
    QUICK GUIDE (for lazy guys and gals)
    Driver Options
    1. Scrolling Speed:

    • 1 (fast)

    2. Do you want to use Build.prop: 

    • N (for now)

    This option will use Local.prop. If it doesn't exist, it will be automatically created
    3. Run Fix Emissions on Boot?

    • Y

    This option will fix App FC's at boot
    4. Integrate?

    • Y

    5. Disable Animation?

    • Y

    This will automatically run and saves you time and social energy wether to select options 5-7 from the drivers console 
    1. Apply MinFree values?

    • Y

    2. Super Clean and Restart?

    • Y

    wipes dalvik-cache
    1. 13 for OOM Grouping Fixes + BulletProof Launcher

    • Y

    1. 21. Nitro Lag Nullifier {Experimental}

    • N

    Apply Nitro Lag Nullifier
    1. 18. Engine Flush
    Continue and drop all file system caches?

    • Y

    1. 30. SuperClean & ReStart

    • Y

    KickAss Kernelizer Guide
    [list="padding-left: 20px;"]
    [*]KickAss Kernalizer Script [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    [*]Script Manager [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]
    1. Assuming you already have Script Manager installed, Open Script Manager.
    2. Browse for KickAssKernelizer_Tweaks_Installer_Update_3_RC8.sh .pdf and set properties to Favorites and Superuser then tap on Ru
    3. It will show a bunch of text scrolling down...
    4. When it asks for an input (KickAss/Chew Gum/KAK Stick/Exit), type K for KickAss and press enter
    5. Now the script will ask you, whether you want to enable I/O Scheduler. Select Yes to enable I/O Scheduler.
    6. After that, reboot your device
    7. Open Script Manager again and navigate to system/etc/init.d folder and look for S98KickAssKernalizer script.
    Set the properties to:
    Superuser and Run at Boot and favorites (optional) and tap on Save.
    You will notice that the icon of the script changed to green android skull+gear+star, if so, you are on the right path.
    8. Reboot your device and see the increase in speed and performance
    9. Optionally you can install No-Frills CPU Control to manage CPU Governors and I/O Schedulers available on your phone including the one from KickAss Kernalizer
    This works for STOCK and Custom ROMs tested on my SG
    Thanks to [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.] for this awesome tweak
    Common Errors/Problems + FIX
    Done every step but still my phone gets supercharged at 75% only, what should I do?
    The solution depends on the error that you get, In my experience, I only had one. That is "minfree values are not applied" if you get that error, that means S99SuperCharger.sh did not ran at boot. Go back and do STEP 9.
    After installing the scripts, my apps get force close's. How do I fix this, It's really annoying! 
    Relax, Calm down. Run the script again and select:
    20. Fix Emissions {Fix FCing Errors}
    That should take care of FC's
    The script is not working, It says "not compatible"
    Well, for a guide written for Samsung Galaxy Young GT-S5360, that's a joke.  Update your BusyBox, and make sure you read busybox's instruction for installation inside the app itself to have it installed properly.

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